A Sea Change

Growing up can be a lonely and confusing process; we are born with a pure and unconditioned awareness before we are put into school. Our cloud of intelligence is then compressed into clear bottles that are mass-produced. We wonder to ourselves what our purpose is and what paths to take; usually influenced by our peers, mentors and family. Some settle for the ‘off the shelf’ life while others take the leap to break the bottle.

We were recently inspired by the story of the new owners of Southeast Espresso Café in Coolangatta, Jim and Stacey; a young couple that left everything to live the life they dreamed.

Raised in the country town of Warrugal, Victoria, they had a life already planned. But two years ago they made a decision together to skip town and head north for a sea change and to chase their dreams; Jim had a dream to be a chef, and Stacey to live by the ocean to pursue her studies.

With no idea exactly what to do, they winged it. They had no jobs lined up and no place to live but in their camper trailer, which they lugged all their belongings up in with their new Border Collie, Diego.

Like many who have taken such a leap, their story demonstrates the attitude it takes to step out of your comfort zone, which we think is original and cool.

After moving into a flat, Stacey focused on her studies as she worked while Jim started at the bottom of the chain in order to be a chef.
Stacey was telling us that one day when they were walking through Rainbow Bay, they walked past a café and jokingly said to each other “If this ever came up for sale, we’d buy it” That café was SouthEast Espresso.

After two long years of finding their feet they were starting to gain some traction. They both had respectable jobs and had moved into a bigger place and were beginning to consider their next step of purchasing a house.

But as the universe works in its ways, an opportunity of a lifetime popped up and the local café came up for sale.

To Jim and Stacey, this put them on the fence between buying a house or the café but with little hesitation they took their chances and bought the business.

Being in their mid 20’s, this was a big decision – but they both knew deep down this would be the start of something they’d always dreamed of.  

Since they took over the business they have been working endlessly with all the energy they have. Priding them selves in sourcing local and 100% organic produce. And to say the least, they are killing it.

Regardless of what we pursue in life we have to make the most of it. But the moral of the story is that we must also not be afraid to take risks and explore our inner desires/interests.

Crazy to think what can be achieved in such little time if you work hard – we were certainty inspired not only on their story, but their food and coffee too – all cooked by Jim, and brewed by Stacey; which was simply delicious.

If you live in Coolangatta or in the area, visiting for a holiday or just passing through, head down to SouthEast Espresso and treat yourself. You wont be disappointed.

The address is 229 Boundary Street, Coolangatta, Queensland.

Also follow them on Instagram: @southeastespresso

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