It’s been a long day. The road is straight and narrow and we are starting to understand why the earth was once considered to be flat. There is an oasis on the horizon which we seem to never reach and distant beings appear out of nowhere as if there is a worm hole.

It’s lonely and isolated out here in the Outback of Australia. There is however, a comforting sense of good company, which we find original and cool.

We have noticed a common gesture out here; on the road, almost everyone says hi to each other as they pass by. The thought of waving to someone back home on the highway seems discomforting and simply wierd. But out here, it’s as if you actually know the bloke coming at you at 130km/h – he pops his hand up and so do we. We pass some backpackers and they all wave, a road train passes by and all we can see is a hand, and of course all the Grey Nomads say g’day.

When we were in Noosa, we got talking to a bloke about our journey across the Top End and his words were “it’s a different world out there, not like this circus, the folk out there would rather offer you a cuppa. Here they just want your money.” It took us a little while to fully understand what he meant until we hit the road. Out here, what you see is what you get. Yes, the thought crosses our mind here and there, but no it’s not like Wolf Creek, if anything it’s far from it.

It is true when they say you need to be prepared when you’re out here. Have your wits about yourself and make sure you have enough fuel, water and food. And never leave your vehicle if you break down. But it’s good to know that even though there’s bugger-all water out here, we are all in the same boat and there will be in most cases, a helping hand.



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