The Middle Pub

Amongst the hoo-ha of the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia, it’s hard to put a finger on one thing that really stands out from the crowd in terms of originality.

With the amount of shops, drinking holes, hippies, locals, tourists and backpackers, the familiar hint that triggers the senses with the breeze, the array of colours, long hair and beards, fashion and longboards…it all seems to form blurred lines.

But just 20 minutes North-West of Byron Bay within the Hinterland, lies the humble and nonchalant town of Mullumbimby. Here, a genuine mix of culture and demographic exist together. A cross between country folk, creative minds, mild environmentalists and surf conscious individuals alike.

It all sounds cliché but in the heart of this town lies a genuine piece of novelty - The Middle Pub.

After a long day driving through the hills, we found ourselves here with a grumble in our stomachs (and not because we came from Nimbin). With little desire to park up somewhere to cook some food we were swayed by the – “Nothing over $15” sign in the main intersection outside the pub. We were literally at a crossroad, and after little consideration we parked up and walked in.

To a local this is home; the smell of old timber, wood fire and stale beer amongst good company. The walls; painted weatherboards which frame the historical photographs and paintings. Scuffed oak timber floorboards but carpeted in some rooms provoke a sense of comfort. The old furniture and the cast iron fireplace which stands on a hearth of heritage tiles compliments the Victorian style of the entire pub. And lastly the cast iron balustrade which envelopes the perimeter of the first story is probably more romantic than rough.

To a traveller, this demonstrates an honest form of identity and character; a welcoming feeling. However, like most hotels there is an uncanny energy in the hallway to all the guestrooms, as if there is a local ghost lurking around up there.

There’s not much more to say than this place is genuine. It looks and feels old, but it is more alive than ever. The folk who flock to this Pub on the weekly basis generates a positive atmosphere. And whats better; the beer is cold and fresh, and the food is a considerate portion at an ideal price.

If you would like to know more information about the Middle Pub, Mullumbimby NSW – head to their website at

Or if you are travelling through the East Coast, it’s definitely worth the detour. Just head into the town centre and you won’t miss it. The address is 46 Burringbar Street, Mullumbimby NSW 248.










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