Since day one, we have collaborated with brands/companies, small businesses and individuals alike who are after something truly unique.
All of our bespoke skateboards are hand drawn/painted, and are fully customized to our client’s desires.
Whether it’s for a loved one, personal interest or as a method of promotion, we have been able to create some really rad stuff.
If you are interested in a custom Hunt Skateboard, head over to our contact page and say G’day.

Here is a selection of our work:
'Flynn's Superhero's' VIC
'Barwon Timber Collaboration' VIC
'Lemons' VIC
'Penguins in Antarctica' VIC
'Tones and I' - VIC
'Motion for Larzo' - VIC
'Melbourne & America Juxtaposition' - NYC
'Perth / Melbourne / Sydney' - VIC
'Tendaco Blinds Collaboration with Sophie Illustrates' - VIC
'Livit Constructions' - QLD
'Back to the Future Hover Board' - VIC
'Lenny' - VIC
'Little Dardy', VIC
Hung Apparel, NSW
Oak Living, VIC
RIP Drake, QLD
Ky&Co, VIC
Beef Barbers, Richmond, VIC
Sassy Cheeks, United States
Meraki - Hair by Kate Edwards, VIC
SouthEast Espresso - Coolangatta, QLD
Musket & Bayonet Barber Shop - Ballarat, VIC
1st Product - Hawthorn, VIC
The Barbers Son - Hawthorn, VIC
The Barbers Son - Collins Street, VIC
The Lazy Barber Logo - Melbourne, VIC
Do Shit Magazine - Jervis Bay, ACT
ORC Apparel - Melbourne, AUS
Beach Burrito - Fitzroy, VIC
Board and Behaviour - Melbourne, VIC
Surf Culture Bondi - Sydney, NSW
Paige - A tropical feel
Belida - A ScoobyDoo & a Ferrari themed skateboard
 Cara - A skateboard to remember her soft little friend, Shelby
Joel Leggett – A local musician from the Central Coast who was after something that represented his 2017 Tour along the East Coast.
Arron Young (Port Adelaide AFL Player) – 'Nirvana Nevermind' Album Cover.
Jono – Something that represented the elements of what makes up our universe.
Dan – Something old school
Jarrod – Homage to Mark Richards
Lindsay – Flower Of Life Pattern
YGAP Foundation – We designed and hand painted a one of piece which was held on display at an exhibition and auctioned off to raise money for poverty. The board sold for $350 and 100% was donated to the cause.
BeyondBlue – We teamed up with our friends over at Harry Chaos where we worked on a design which represented strength, courage and a positive attitude to raise awareness for mental illness such as anxiety and depression. We held a raffle and sold tickets for $5 in which we raised a total of $770. We donated 100% of the profits to the organization and gave the board away to a lucky individual in Brunswick Heads.
Salty Banditos & Hunt Skateboards Christmas Giveaway
Working together with the psychedelic crew over at Salty Banditos; we created this limited edition cruiser to giveaway with a bunch of their apparel - The board can be won by purchasing a raffle ticket (check our home page for details) 
Visit their website -
Sea Sheppherd – Still in progress with local artist Astrid Mulder.