Since day one, we have been collaborating with brands/companies and also individuals whom were after something truly unique for them, a loved one or their hobby/interests.
We have also collaborated with organizations such as BeyondBlue Official, Ygap Foundation and the soon to be Sea Shepherd where we have designed and hand crafted/painted a limited edition to raise awareness and funds to their cause. 
If you are interested in a custom Hunt Skateboard for yourself, or if you are apart of an organization and want to collaborate, head over to our contact page and say G’day.
Here is some of our work:
'Lenny' - VIC
'Little Dardy', VIC
Hung Apparel, NSW
Oak Living, VIC
RIP Drake, QLD
Ky&Co, VIC
Beef Barbers, Richmond, VIC
Sassy Cheeks, United States
Meraki - Hair by Kate Edwards, VIC
SouthEast Espresso - Coolangatta, QLD
Musket & Bayonet Barber Shop - Ballarat, VIC
1st Product - Hawthorn, VIC
The Barbers Son - Hawthorn, VIC
The Barbers Son - Collins Street, VIC
The Lazy Barber Logo - Melbourne, VIC
Do Shit Magazine - Jervis Bay, ACT
ORC Apparel - Melbourne, SYD
Beach Burrito - Fitzroy, VIC
Board and Behaviour - Melbourne, VIC
Surf Culture Bondi - Sydney, NSW
Tropics - ACT
ScoobyDoo & a Ferrari themed skateboards
RIP Shelby - QLD
Joel Leggett - Central Coast
Arron Young (Port Adelaide AFL Player) – 'Nirvana Nevermind' Album Cover. SA
Universe - VIC
Eramonator - VIC
Homage to Mark Richards - VIC
Flower Of Life Pattern - VIC



YGAP Foundation – We designed and hand painted a one of piece which was held on display at an exhibition and auctioned off to raise money for poverty. The board sold for $350 and 100% was donated to the cause.
BeyondBlue – We teamed up with our friends over at Harry Chaos where we worked on a design which represented strength, courage and a positive attitude to raise awareness for mental illness such as anxiety and depression. We held a raffle and sold tickets for $5 in which we raised a total of $770. We donated 100% of the profits to the organization and gave the board away to a lucky individual in Brunswick Heads.
Salty Banditos & Hunt Skateboards Christmas Giveaway
Working together with the psychedelic crew over at Salty Banditos; we created this limited edition cruiser to giveaway with a bunch of their apparel - The board can be won by purchasing a raffle ticket (check our home page for details) 
Visit their website -
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