Our Story

Hunt Skateboards specialise in crafting a unique, yet original style of skateboard: the hardwood cruiser.

Inspired by the glory of 50s/60s skate nostalgia and the industries early pioneers, we are more interested in creating something original and crafted by hand rather than something innovative and mass produced; A board that embodies the desire and appreciation for something tailor made and unique, yet with a modern versatility and minimal change in the development of skateboard manufacturing.

Founder; Alex Hunt, had a childhood dream - to create the next leading skateboard brand in Australia. Inspired by his father’s teenage skate stories; as a kid, Alex often scourged up makeshift boards from offcuts of whatever timber he could find.

Crafting from a young age and driven by passion and commitment, Alex took it upon himself to save up and push the dream into a reality. And in 2015, somewhere amongst the hustle and bustle of inner Melbourne and the sleepy seaside of the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia – Hunt Skateboards was born.  

Teaming up with his partner, Caitlin, with vision to establish a genuine Australian brand that celebrates the history of skateboard manufacturing whilst being deeply engaged in what has always fuelled the overall skate/surf culture - a creative, laid-back attitude to seeking a good time and release.

With respect to the innovative, forward thinking skateboard manufacturers out there – to us, we set out to keep it simple and stay true to the core values of the industry. That is, to the likes of when the skateboard was fist invented; it wasn’t about designing something new, rather finding an alternative to surfing when there were no waves.

This is what we celebrate – a collective that is about enjoying life and appreciating something that allows one to do so.

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?